I try to stay focused on my creativity.
Christina Aguilera


omigod, can u believe its already 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the ball drop from Times Square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi, I'm Mariyum Rizwan, and I'm 11 years old. This business is not really for money... it's so that "I can have fun" doesn't matter if I only make 1 buck by the end of the year this is all for my own fun.

    Facts about Me:
    I want to be a fashion designer, Gold medal winning Olympic figure  skater, an interior designer, a lawyer, a business woman, a singer, an actress, AND BE REALLY FAMOUS AND FILTHY RICH
    Also I want to live in a suite in Paris and work in New York City in a fashion house. Finally I want to graduate from Bergen Academy and graduate from FIT and Harvard (and More)

Earrings $0.50 Duct Tape wallets $1.00 One Duct Tape flower $0.20 Duct Tape flower bouquet (Comes with 5 flowers) $1.00 Duct Tape Bracelet $0.50 Small Duct Tape Change Purse $0.50 Duct Tape Change Purse $0.75 Duct Tape Hair Clips $0.80 Duct Tape Pencil/Pen flower (Pencil/Pen required) $0.65 String Bracelets $0.30 Key chains (Beaded) $0.80 Bead Bracelets $0.40 Duct Tape Ring $0.10 String Anklet $0.30 Bead Anklet $0.40 Bead’n’string Anklet $0.50 Bead’n’string Bracelet $0.50 Bead Necklace $0.65 String Necklace $0.40 Bead’n’string necklace $0.70 String Ring $0.05 A Smiley Face wallet $1.20 A Small Smiley Face wallet $1.10 A mini Smiley Face wallet $1.00 A Big smiley face wallet $1.30 A Large Smiley Face wallet $1.40 A Extra Large Smiley Face wallet $1.50 Bead’n’string ring $0.25 Key Chain (String) $0.60 Key Chain (Bead’n’string) $0.89 Duct Tape wrapped folders $1.00 Duct Tape wrapped notebook $0.90 Duct Tape wrapped clip board $0.70 Big Duct Tape Purse $1.59 Duct Tape Purse $1.20 Large Duct Tape Purse $2.00 Extra Large Duct Tape Purse $2.50 Mini Duct Tape Purse $1.00 Duct Tape Bookmarks $0.50 String Bookmarks $0.30 Duct Tape Heart shaped Big wallet $1.40 Duct Tape Heart shaped mini wallet $0.80 Duct Tape Heart extra-large wallet $2.10 Duct Tape Heart wallet $1.20 Flip open purse 1 (Includes Four Money pockets) $5.00 Flip open purse 2 $3.50 XSRE’S Bows Flowers, Hearts, Stars…etc. *Name (if short, minimum 5 letters) *Words (If short, minimum 5 letters) Pockets Handles *Your Initial *All starred items are used for everything